How to configure a domain nameserver for ESE

If you have your own domain, you can receive e-mails through ESE by easy settings. In case of idle domains, why don't you make temporary mail addresses by using them? The number of IDs you can create is unlimited.

Ex) If a domain is, you can receive mails to by ESE.

I think you would know it's easy if you try out. Just a little change of nameserver settings is needed.

Change MX Record

Please set the MX record of your domain to!

MX is the initial of Mail Exchanger. This record could be set on the nameserver you are using now. Because it's common that domain agencies(registrars) provide you with a free nameserver, you may be using it at present. You could reach a settings panel by opening your browser and accessing the company's website. There's where you could set the MX record. If you did make none of MX records yet, please add a new one.

It may need a time to be applied, depending on the TTL value set before. For a while you may not receive mails even if you made a correct change.

Settings In Detail

  • should be set to the MX record value.
  • If your domain system requires the TTL value, you need to set appropriate numbers(ex: 3600, 86400, etc...). TTL is the initial of Time To Live, meaning that it determines the life of information your nameserver spread to the world. Let's say you set TTL to 3600, clients would make a connection to your nameserver every 1 hour(3600 seconds). When TTL is longer, a nameserver can save network traffic but old information remains much longer either. So there are both merits and demerits.
  • The host(aaa in need not to be filled. For instance, it's enough to make a MX record of only. A MX record of is unnecessary.
  • The priority value is what determines priorites of many mail servers. The lower number, the higher priority. In this case the MX record is just only one, so either 0 or 10 would be suitable.

How It Works

When a person sends an e-mail to, the computer first check the MX record of The reason why the ESE server can receive e-mails arrive at is that it's designated at We store e-mails and show them to you when you want.

If you don't understand please leave a comment. A donation of a domain is welcomed too.

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