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Why are there so many websites demanding important privacy information? It's too inconvenient that people must sign up for a website in order to see just a little data. It would be better if guests are allowed. To prevent incoming spam mails, we need to hide our e-mail address. Besides, sometimes you may want to conceal who you are especially when using secret sites. ESE provides you with many disposable e-mails helpful in these situations.
  • How to use it
  • It's simple. When you need receiving mails, just tell a sender your disposable mail address. If he or she sends a mail you can check the message in your inbox.
  • What are three view options?
  • There are mails that contain just a text but a HTML document too. The buttons are for viewing these messages separately. A text cannot include images or other visual objects. A HTML document could show you hyperlinks and images. The raw message option is useful when you want to look at full message including headers, in original state. If you save a raw message as an .eml file it can be opened by an e-mail client like Outlook.
  • I see letters broken
  • This is a kind of encoding problems. If a sender didn't follow communication protocols we cannot decode a mail because we don't know what to use to decode it. ESE will automatically detect and convert a subject of a mail even it wasn't encoded, if it was written in one of Korean/Chinese/Japanese.
  • Limitations
  • Big attachments are not supported. A message of which body is too big may be rejected.
  • How to check attachments?
  • You can check them by clicking the raw message button, saving it as an .eml file and opening it with mail clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.
  • I have a domain. Can I use it with ESE?
  • Yep. The instructions are in the custom domain menu.
  • Do I need to touch my website in operation, to link my domain to ESE?
  • Nope. Just a MX record of DNS settings need to be changed. it isn't related to your website.
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